About me

Hi, I'm Jeroen van Rensen and I'm from the Netherlands. Currently, I'm 15 years old and I'm going to high school. I like building websites using the TALL stack.

My programming history

I began programming when I was seven years old, using Scratch. At the age of ten, I had my own WordPress website, where I wrote about science, which unfortunately didn't get a lot of readers (because nobody knew it existed 🙃).


When I was looking around in WordPress, I saw this text in a text area: "You can type in HTML". I was wondering: what was HTML? After a quick search, I discovered that it was amazing! For someone who only has worked with Word and Powerpoint, it is really great!

Web development

I read a book (English) and a tutorial on youtube (Dutch) and I learned a lot about HTML and CSS. Later I found another tutorial (by the same person, Dutch too) where I learned the basics of PHP. At that time I hadn't heard of OOP.


In the corona pandemic at the beginning of 2020, I found out about this tutorial called Laravel from Scratch (Laracasts), and I learned about Laravel and OOP in PHP. At that time I used jQuery for my JavaScript and created a few websites with it.

VueJS and Livewire

Next, I learned about Vue.JS by building a forum and in December 2020 I tried out Livewire for the first time. I was surprised by the ease of building dynamic apps without JavaScript. (You can read my tutorial about Livewire if you want to learn more.)

TALL stack

A few months later I learned about Tailwind CSS and Alpine.JS and I created my first website with the TALL stack, and now I absolutely love it!

Other interests

I'm interested in almost anything. I like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. But I'm also learning Spanish (¡hola!) and Turkish (merhaba!).

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